Dig for Clams on Long Beach

Have fun digging for clams on the super-naturally beautiful Washington coast. All you need is a shovel and a container to put your clams in. The pacific razor clam is an exceptionally meaty shellfish abundant in the surf pounded sand of Long Beach.  Clams grow to a maximum length of 6 inches, although 3 to 5 inches in length are most often collected. Clams that are 7 inches long have been recorded, but are exceptionally rare.

Long Beach clam digging 101: Each person must take the first 15 clams they dig, regardless of size. Each person must carry their own catch container. However, you are allowed to share digging tools. Find out where to dig by looking for a “clam show”, where a clam has left a dimple in the sand, usually about the size of a quarter. Dig quickly in the surf, as these clams can dig quite fast themselves!

Clam season typically opens for a few days every month, October through April. The season is established based on the number of clams available and is dependent upon marine toxin levels staying within safe boundaries (when levels are outside of those boundaries, you probably have heard of that time referred to as “red tide”).  Because there is such a huge interest in the activity year round, seasons are set to allow digging during spring’s daylight times when there is better weather as well as during the fall and winter when fellow diggers don’t have to deal with as many people, but have to brave the elements and dig by lantern or flashlight.

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